How to Design Marketing Optimised Website

If you think your website design & marketing success are mutually independent, think again?

The website should grab attention and, most importantly, convert the visitors into leads or customers who are coming from different marketing tactics. For example, if your website landing pages are not optimized for the campaign, all your marketing efforts will be wasted.

So the million-dollar question for you is how to design/redesign your website, which marries your marketing goal?

Ask yourself, What are the Goals or Objectives of the Website?

Your website objectives could be a mix of Sales, Brand Awareness, Lead Generation, etc., once you have that idea, look for an agency like (Infogravity ;))who understand design and marketing to convert your vision into reality. Draw a Road Map with the agency to achieve your objectives. 

  • Site Structure
  • Resonates Brand
  • SEO Friendly
  • Conversion Focused
  • Mobile Responsive & Speed Optimized
  • Analytics Technology

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