Digital Marketing

Infogravity empowers the brand with creative, media and marketing technology expertise that enables companies to find & convert customers using a powerful blend of data analytics and customer experience, which results in flawless execution across channels and better marketing ROI.

In the current era audiences, are empowered by connected technologies and blasted with the marketing messages. It is getting more difficult than ever to convey your message above the noise. Even established brands need to think about building and retaining a loyal audience to protect themselves against disruption. To make a brand like that, you always need a story, to shape that story, you need a strategy.

Infogravity leverages digital experience, analytics expertise, & creativity to build marketing strategies that deliver outstanding results.

Integrated Marketing

Accomplish your business goals and maximize marketing ROI with an integrated marketing strategy. Our expertise is in building a knockout strategy that includes various digital marketing tactics that are customized as per your Business Goals. We deploy the right online marketing tactics to provide your right audience with the correct information at the right time.

Our Offerings

Marketing Automation

Generate more leads and also re-engage existing ones with our marketing automation solution. Our team analyzes your existing database to segment your user lists for behavioural targeting then we will create a marketing automation plan to increase qualified leads and sales.

Paid Media (SEM/PPC)

Is organic search preventing your brand from becoming visible? When you need an instant boost, our PPC experts will make sure that your website ranks on top by doing the right budgeting for your keywords & ensuring that your ads are only shown to the most qualified potentials.

Marketing Technology

Technology is changing the way how marketing is planned and executed. From integrations to strategic planning to execution, Infogravity helps you streamlining your company’s marketing and sales technologies to deliver on customer expectations while improving efficiencies.

Social Media Marketing

We help companies to establish an online presence on social channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter. We aim to grow their online presence and also manage social media ads targeted to meet specific goals such as increasing sales or lead generation.

Our Process

  • Data Collection & Analysis: Data is the core of all marketing strategies. By extracting data from multiple sources like 1st party data, past campaign performance, competitor research, surveys, user interviews. We understand your audience, find challenges, and start formulating the ideas.
  • Competitor & Audience + Research: Through comprehensive audience research, we find what needs & challenges your audiences encounter and what makes them take decisions. As competitors are also looking for the same consumers, we conduct a thorough competitive analysis & identify areas where your business can take advantage.
  • Strategy & Digital Channel Planning: Whatever combination of tactics, including paid, owned, and earned media channels we recommend, are powered by data & expertise to assess the channels where your marketing will have its most significant value.
  • Implement, Evaluate and Optimize: Digital marketing is iterative, and a strategy should be a living thing. We aim to re-visit plans constantly so that we can consider new data, assess market response, and adjust the plan accordingly. Wherever possible, we avoid treating tactics as a one-and-done.


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